Write a program to reverse a number using shell script

Let's start with a simple "hello world" program:

Write a program to reverse a number using shell script

A shell is an environment which allows commands to be issued, and also includes facilities to control input and output, and programming facilities to allow complex sets of actions to be performed.

Whenever you type commands at the prompt in Unix, you are actually communicating interactively with a shell. In addition to typing commands directly to the shell, you can place them in a file which must be given execute permissionand then run the file.

A file containing UNIX shell commands is known as a script or shell script. Executing the script is equivalent to typing the commands within it.

The Unix shells are actually quite sophisticated programming languages in their own right: Together with the large number of special utility programs which are provided as standard, scripts make Unix an extremely powerful operating system.

Scripts are interpreted rather than compiled, which means that the computer must translate them each time it runs them: However, they are extremely good where you want to use Operating System facilities; for example, when processing files in some fashion. There are actually no less than three different types of scripts supported in Unix: Bourne shell, C shell, and Korn shell.

Bourne is the most common, Korn the most powerful, and C the most C-like handy for C programmers. This tutorial will concentrate on the simplest of the three: A simple Bourne-shell script If you simply type Unix commands into a file, and make it executable, then run it, Unix will assume that the commands in it are written in whatever shell language you happen to be using at the time in your case, this is probably the C shell.

To make sure that the correct shell is run, the first line of the script should always indicate which one is required. Below is illustrated a simple Bourne-shell script: Save the file, calling it hello.

Then make the hello file executable by typing: Naming Shell Script Files You can give your shell scripts almost any name you like. If the name you use happens to already be an existing UNIX command, when you try to run your script you will end up running the system-defined command instead.

Some fairly obvious names can cause you this problem; for example, test. To make sure that your intended name is O. For example, to find out whether there are commands called dc and dac, type:Jan 12,  · Shell program to calculate the area and circumference of the circle given the radius.

# pfmlures.com # Program: To calculate the area and circumference of the circle given the. radius. # Author: sujith # Date: 16/03/ clear. echo "Enter the radious of the circle" Write a shell script to count number of lines, num. The Perl languages borrow features from other programming languages including C, shell scripting (sh), AWK, and sed.

They provide powerful text processing facilities without the arbitrary data-length limits of many contemporary UNIX command line tools, facilitating easy manipulation of text files.

This is a list of shell script or shell script programs examples for UNIX-like systems(e.g. Linux). Shell script is a script written for the shell, or command line interpreter, of an operating system. Find more on Write a shell script to reverse a number supplied by a user Or get search suggestion and latest updates. Daniel Evans author of Write a shell script to reverse a number supplied by a user is from London, United Kingdom. Shell Scripting - Write a shell script to identify the given string is palindrome or not?. 26 Answers are available for this question.

C Program to Reverse a Number & Check if it is a Palindrome C Program to Find the Sum of two Binary Numbers C Program to Find Multiplication of two Binary Numbers C Program to find Product of 2 Numbers without using Recursion C Program to Check whether a given Number is Armstrong. A shell script starts with the definition of the interpreter to use.

write a program to reverse a number using shell script

Usually when one says ``shell script'', one means bash script. So a good first line would be\n. C Program to Display Fibonacci Sequence.

15 Shell Scripts Examples for Exam Preparation

Example on how to display the Fibonacci sequence of first n numbers (entered by the user) using loop. Also in different example, you learn to generate the Fibonacci sequence up to a certain number. Example #2: Fibonacci Sequence Up to a Certain Number.

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