Video case pikes fish market essay

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Video case pikes fish market essay

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Video case pikes fish market essay

By Sara Bonisteel, Epicurious Photos: Morgan Keuler Buying fresh fish can be a daunting endeavor. How should it smell? What should it look like? How should you treat it once you get it home? The Pike Place Fish Market, which sees more than 10 million visitors a year, is renowned for Northwestern favorites like salmon, Dungeness crab and Pacific rockfish.

Miller, who had no fish experience aside from the fishing hole prior to starting work at the market, says shopping for and cooking fish is a breeze if you know what to look for.

Here Miller shares some of his advice for buying, preparing and cleaning fish. Tips for Buying Fresh Fish The most important thing you can do to ensure you're buying quality fish is to make friends with your local fish purveyor, says Miller.

They should be able to answer whatever questions you have. When buying fish, use the tools nature intended: Look for shiny fish with healthy-looking scales. Scale loss is an indication it's been handled.

If you're buying tuna or any whole fish check the blood lines The Perfect Burger It's ok to poke around the gills to check the freshness of the fish, just do it gently.

Tail meat is leaner than the rest of the fish.

Video case pikes fish market essay

Provided it's not degrees out then you've got easily a couple of hours you can go and continue shopping. Fish from the market is often placed in a plastic bag sitting in its own juices, so should be cooked or repackaged once you get home. This is especially important if you plan to sear the fish.

Freeze Fish in Water: If that fresh fish you've just purchased won't be cooked for a few weeks, repackage it for the freezer in increments of what you think you'll thaw and cook at one time.

Miller uses freezer bags with some water added to store the fish cut.

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Put the frozen fish in the fridge to thaw the day before you want to cook it. Don't thaw it by running it under cold water. If you're working with a whole fish or dividing or boning a large piece, "a sharp knife will make a master out of you, and then just let the knife do the work," Miller says.

You'll know your knife is dull when you feel like you're sawing through the fish flesh, and then, Miller warns, you'll start losing meat. Your non-knife hand should not be holding the fish anywhere near the blade.

A knife can easily slip while you're filleting a slithery fish, so make sure the hand holding the fish is behind the hand doing the cutting.

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If you're afraid of cooking your fish, you're not alone. In ceviches, raw fish is marinated in citric acid -- usually lemon or lime -- which changes the appearance and flavor of the fish by coagulating the proteins. Although the fish hasn't been heated, it appears cooked -- the flesh turns firm and opaque -- thanks to this reaction.

And it takes the stress out of cooking fish, as all it requires is chopping the meat and marinating it. See more from Epicurious:I wandered around Pikes Place Market, revisiting the now world famous Fish Market.

I once attended a programme at work inspired by the philosophy of these crazy fish sellers. Here is a link. It’s worth watching the video to see the “Flying Fish”! A toxic algae bloom combined with polluted waters from El Nino storms may have caused the 'worst fish kill in decades' as thousands of dead fish wash ashore Florida's Indian River Lagoon.

The Pike Place Fish Market gave the employees of First Guarantee the same enthusiasm a group of newly hired employees would have.

This topic places employees in troubled times and redundant work into something new and exciting. | Storytelling News | Review of Fish!

Peak Performance in Teams: Pike Place Fish Market Case Study Pike Place Fish Market, located in Seattle, WA, highlights the intersection of concepts of collaboration and peak performance in spectacular fashion. Mayo Clinic Health Letter provides reliable, authoritative and accurate health information.

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