Standardization vs customization

What, Why, How, and Examples Mass customization is an important business concept, which numerous brands are adopting these days. Moreover, the concept is also utilized in the development of marketing strategies for product and service lines and during the process of recognizing the target audience of a brand or business.

Standardization vs customization

Being open and adaptive to new technologies can be important to both your organization's mission and its ability to operate efficiently. Likewise, being flexible when it comes to individual preferences can help employees work better and encourage creativity.

Every new piece of software you add to your IT arsenal requires installation, maintenance, staff training, repair, patches, upgrades, and more.

These organizations may allow staff to download unsupported software, for example, but refuse to troubleshoot it and will uninstall it if it conflicts with other programs.

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Note that this more flexible route carries with it an increased risk of spyware and virus infections, however. For these reasons, it's important to adopt a standardization policy that fits your situation and needs.

Though there are many benefits to centralizing your purchases, decide what makes the best sense for your organization before making sweeping changes to your current setup. Standardizing Your Equipment If you work in a library with multiple models and versions of software and equipment, the task of standardizing everything can be overwhelming.

Starting from scratch by buying all-new equipment is probably not an option for most if any organizations, but there are a few steps you can take to standardize your equipment over time. Yet there are ways to streamline your purchasing procedures without ignoring staff needs.

Representatives from each department can be a part of the team that writes your organization's tech plan; if staff members don't have time to participate directly, you can interview them about their technology priorities and concerns.

These applications are supported, but not installed by default on every machine.

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This model gives employees access to specialized software, while controlling cost and complexity. Allow unsupported software, but make it clear that staff uses it at their own risk.

Moreover, because each operating system supports different software, you may end up supporting two versions of every piece of software, or different pieces of software that serve the same purpose, if you fail to impose a standard operating system at your organization.

Hardware Computer manufacturers change their models almost weekly in response to fluctuations in price and the availability of new components from their suppliers. This can cause problems for IT departments, who often want to support a minimum number of hardware configurations.

If you use disk-cloning software, a new hardware model might force you to build and test a new image. See Disk-Cloning in Libraries for more information. Software Some users feel comfortable with their ancient, serviceable software, while others will always clamor for the latest applications and features.

However, you can save a lot of time and hassle when your entire organization uses the same version of the same software.

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If your organization plans to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista, for example, the IT department has to look at every major piece of software in the organization to make sure it works with the new operating system. More software equals more chances for software conflicts.

Standardization vs customization

Sometimes you can allow for some customization by allowing staff to choose software off an approved list. This reduces the number of supported applications without eliminating choice altogether.

This will also discourage staff from clinging to old, outdated software. Vendor Relationships Dealing with too many vendors can be confusing from a billing, tech support and interpersonal perspective.

You may be able to reduce the number of vendors you work with by purchasing your printers and servers from the same company that sells you desktop PCs. Technology resellers — businesses that buy equipment on your behalf — can also often be a good place to purchase hardware and software from different manufacturers from one central point of contact, simplifying the purchasing process.The Benefits of Standardization Hardware and software aren’t the only aspects of an IT system that you might consider streamlining.

We’ve highlighted some of the advantages of standardizing everything from your operating system to your vendor relationships in the following sections.

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Oct 11,  · Part 1 of this "Believing in Happily Ever After" series is: the conflict as Customization Vs. Standardization. Remember all the times I've sent you to read Alvin Toffler's non-fiction book, Future Shock.

Standardization vs customization

He gave me the insight to be able to see things in this light now. The choice between the use of general clinical guidelines versus customization of care presents a dilemma for the practicing clinician: whereas the use of guidelines is intended to decrease practice variation, customization typically increases practice variation.

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