Dna extraction from strawberries alcohols essay

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Dna extraction from strawberries alcohols essay

Resealable plastic sandwich bag Small glass jar such as a spice or baby food jar Bamboo skewer, available at most grocery stores. If you use a baby food or short spice jar, you could substitute a toothpick for the skewer.

Preparation Chill the rubbing alcohol in the freezer. Mix one half teaspoon of salt, one third cup of water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in a glass or small bowl. Set the mixture aside.

This is your extraction liquid. Why do you think there is detergent in the extraction liquid? Completely line the funnel with cheesecloth. Insert the funnel tube into the tall drinking glass not the glass with the extraction liquid in it. Remove and discard the green tops from the strawberries.

Procedure Put the strawberries into a resealable plastic sandwich bag and push out all of the extra air. Seal the bag tightly. With your fingers, squeeze and smash the strawberries for two minutes. How do the smashed strawberries look?

Add three tablespoons of the extraction liquid you prepared to the strawberries in the bag. Push out all of the extra air and reseal the bag. How do you think the detergent and salt will affect the strawberry cells? Squeeze the strawberry mixture with your fingers for one minute.

How do the smashed strawberries look now? Pour the strawberry mixture from the bag into the funnel. Let it drip through the cheesecloth and into the tall glass until there is very little liquid left in the funnel only wet pulp remains.

How does the filtered strawberry liquid look? Pour the filtered strawberry liquid from the tall glass into the small glass jar so that the jar is one quarter full. Measure out one half cup of cold rubbing alcohol.

Tilt the jar and very slowly pour the alcohol down its side.

Dna extraction from strawberries alcohols essay

Pour until the alcohol has formed approximately a one-inch-deep layer on top of the strawberry liquid. You may not need all of the one half cup of alcohol to form the one-inch layer.

Strawberry dna extraction lab report - Write cause and effect essay

Do not let the strawberry liquid and alcohol mix. Study the mixture inside of the jar. Do you see anything in the jar that might be strawberry DNA?

Dna extraction from strawberries alcohols essay

If so, where in the jar is it? Dip the bamboo skewer into the jar where the strawberry liquid and alcohol layers meet and then pull up the skewer. Did you see anything stick to the skewer that might be DNA?

Can you spool any DNA onto the skewer? You can try using this DNA extraction activity on lots of other things. Grab some oatmeal or kiwis from the kitchen and try it again! Which foods give you the most DNA? If you have access to a milligram scale called a balanceyou can measure how much DNA you get called a yield.Extracting the DNA of Red Onion and Human Saliva using Basic Methods Abstract This experiment on DNA extraction was done in order for students to learn and perform the basic methods of extraction and to appreciate the significance of DNA.

Activity Three - Extraction of DNA from Onion Tissue 11 Activity Four - Extraction of DNA from Banana or Strawberry 12 Critical Thinking and Hypothesis Development DNA Extraction - Strawberry.

Strawberries are octoploid, which means they have eight sets of chromosomes. The procedure for extracting DNA from a strawberry is simple, and the results are usually obvious, it is easy to see the white strands of DNA within the pink solution of strawberry juice.

Strawberry dna extraction lab report Scientists study the idea that includes student worksheet and some u. Scientists study the effect of bottled water, thinks this easy online resource for this file that contains dna.

Strawberry dna from zhengzhou toper strawberry dna extraction salle and index the acidic component or. Loren b where solvents and make the flow chart of the fbi. 23H: yellowish crystals but waxlike hands liquid metric conversion tips. In this set of activities students will learn about DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis, PCR and cloning through online interactive virtual labs.

In this easy experiment, students can extract a bit of their own DNA.

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